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Fast Payday Advance Loan - A Must Read For First Time Payday Loan Consumers

Written By semoga sukses on Friday, December 13, 2013 | 9:32 PM

The number of fast payday advance loans or pay day cash loan borrowers is increasing significantly. The industry has been grown rapidly because there is a huge demand of instant cash to meet the unexpected expenses that everybody can have eventually. Before you opt for a payday cash loan you need to study and gather some information pertaining to the payday cash loan. This article will show you things you have to understand so you will get the most out of your payday cash loan's benefit and find yourself safe dealing with this industry in terms of consumer protection.

What is Fast Payday Advance Loan?

It is also called a payday loan, payday check advance, paycheck loan, payday cash loan, or payday cash advance. All of those are referred to a very short term loan (normally 2 weeks) secured by postdated check or an authorized withdrawal permission of borrower's bank account hold by lender. With a simple process online (no credit checks, no faxing) and with instant approval the cash is directly deposited to your account on the next day of application. The process is really quick and fast - that's why we call it fast payday advance loan. Lenders are making money from fees and APR they applied. If you as a borrower cannot repay the loan plus lender's fees, you can roll over or extent your payday cash loan with extra fees and plus interest along with for the period of extension.

What are the necessities of Fast Payday Advance Loan?

When you fail to manage your cash flow in proper budget it will end up in a gap that you have to fill in anyway. Some important family expenses such as house rental, electricity, phone and cellular bills, need to be paid off and to some extent you can use a payday cash loan. But the most proper in using a fast payday advance loan should be for emergency expenses such as medical bills, avoid late charges, or other unanticipated things that costs you before your payday.

What are Fast Payday Advance Loan Companies?

Beside banks and other financial institution, there are many companies who are providing fast payday advance loan online. Usually they provide simple and easy application, no fax, no credit checks, and the money is directly deposited to your account in the next day of application. For your safe and security lending please choose the loan companies that having the CFSA member. CFSA (Community Financial Services of America) is the only national organization that promotes responsible regulation on payday cash loan.

What are the Fast Payday Advance Loan's Costs?

A payday cash loan company usually costs you some fees of 15 to 30 USD for every 100 USD loaned to make their money. It means in the next payday you have to repay about $150 to $130. This will end up to the high annual percentage rates (APR) that boosts to 391%. From this figure we can understand that this cash advance is costly, so you have to use it to meet the most proper purpose. Hence you will get the benefit most of your loan.

What are Preconditions to Apply?

Basically you have to stay in permanent address, own a regular income source monthly at least $1000, and having a checking account in bank. Those are three major criteria of payday cash loan online application. Best time to apply would be during working days because mostly they can precede your loan less than 24 hrs. Today some lender has provided a maximum cash loan up to $1500, enough money to cover your emergency expenses.


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